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Reasons to work with Aurik

Business Growth

You will build, grow and accelerate the development of your business – unless you grow it, no one else will!

Personal Growth

You will advance, develop and attain skills to build and grow your business - No one will ever be able to take this away from you!

Corporate Supply Chains

You will build your business to succeed in entering, serving and sustaining relationships with corporate supply chains.

Business Funding

You will build a fundable business that gets access to equity funding that will support your growth and enable you to serve more business and bigger business.

Market Access

You will build your business beyond one deal. A sustainable, valuable business has many clients and we work with you to ensure that!

Asset of Value

You will build your business into the biggest wealth creating asset you own and in that, supporting a future for you, your family and future legacy.

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  • "Mapping key processes to be able to get good control in our business. AURIK highly demonstrated his good knowledge of subject content. The sessions have helped us to be able to put emphasis on implementing systems that will help us to grow our business. Aurik helped us to identify the loopholes in our business, and encouraged us to keep on working to improve."

    Dorcas, Thatego Holdings

  • "The content of the growth programme that AURIK built for me simplified the most complex scenario of a business and made it so much easier to understand. The facilitator was brilliant and this on its own is an understatement."

    Thabo, Thatego Holdings

  • "Good feedback – it allowed me to fragment the key areas of the business. I always looked at the mountain and felt despondent."

    R&S Timber

  • "I thank AURIK and their facilitators for giving me knowledge and light on how to run a business. I will put everything into practise. I was not familiar with financial statements but now I know how to go through it with the help of AURIK and their good facilitators. Thank you for grooming me into a real entrepreneur!"


  • "AURIK activities strongly assisted us in planning and forecasting within our business, which in the long run assists with cashflow and turnover growth. Their business experience and advice served as enormously practical examples to our business."

    Masana Clothing


  • "Initially I was a sceptical until Aurik built my metrics and helped me to understand the importance of measuring progress of the business. I am now a proud owner of a business with a good asset value. Thank you, AURIK."

    Lekoa Technologies

  • "AURIK is very practical and their facilitators are very knowledgeable and experienced. Most of the processes developed formed the basis of solid operations systems that I needed in my business. I am now immediately applying them as part of my team's KPIs. I have been consistently challenged to look at the blind spots and this has helped me to think out of the box."

    115 Electrical Solutions

  • "AURIK helped me see my business on another level – I am so excited. They are professional, clear and easily understood. I am impressed with the whole evaluation and this has enabled me to get to the next level of growth."

    Faith Funerals

  • "Through AURIK, I gained more confidence. I feel like a real business woman in terms of being able to build systems and the ability to performance-manage my team and measure what we do on a daily basis. I now feel positive about my business and building it into an asset of value."

    Zenzo Consulting

  • "[I gained a] general understanding of the importance of analytics and the importance of putting processes in place, with objectives. AURIK offered me top-class operational insight as well as in-depth knowledge."


  • "Very informative and challenging. Lots of new ideas came out of the sessions. I am very pleased with the sessions, even though they can be tough. "


  • "Excellent feedback session – we appreciated the practical examples to explain some of the complex concepts. It’s the practicality of AURIK that allows me to implement strategies into my own business."


  • "Thank you for the invaluable insights I have gained. I have learnt to think a lot more strategically and this has led to me landing a huge mining contract."

    CSA Construction

  • "I have decided to pull my trucks from cross-border to service our contract as cross-border roads are rough, causing damages to our trucks. Not sure why I didn't think of this, but the systems helped me to decide and I then checked where we are making a profit and where our high costs are."

    Rand G Logistics

  • "After the first 15 minutes I realised that this would benefit us in the long run. I made a decision to embrace the information and put into practice whatever was given to me. Over 18 months, we worked together to mould the business into what we are today and we are seeing the positive results now."

    Aztech Industrial Electronics

  • "Thank you AURIK for the dedication and excellent business training and guidance afforded Matari. It’s initiatives like this that South Africa cannot but improve as an emerging nation and take its rightful place within the modern world once again"

    Matari Garden Services

  • "I have a better understanding of my business as a result of AURIK's goal reviews process. I also am using what AURIK gave me to build my business systems so that I can employ people correctly and focus my time on business growth."

    Induna Solutions

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Register your business with us and we will invite you into corporate supply chain, business growth and funding opportunities as they become available.

What’s in it for you?


Commercial skills, acumen and business systems

Insights, skills and the acumen to build commercial systems that give you control and time to focus on growth.


Access into private sector, corporate supply chains

In cases where what you do is needed in corporate supply chains, we will work with you to build your business to the level where you:

  • meet the supply chain standards
  • build strength to deliver volumes
  • compete with established businesses in the market place


Access to growth funding

In cases where you are included into a funding programme, we will:

  • assist you in building a business that can be funded
  • provide you with all the tools you need to secure funding
  • fund your application if it meets the funding criteria